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MONTART RESTORER is a company specialized in the conservation and restoration of works of art and addresses its service to individual persons, business companies and public entities.
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Its speciality is the conservation of paintings, such as:

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Paintings on canvas
Paintings on wood
Wooden sculpture
Mural paintings


Our staff is graduated by the ESCRBC (Higher Academy of conservation and restoration of cultural assets in Catalonia).

We are experts in the conservation and restoration of the above mentioned areas in all their periods (from prehistory to the XXI century) and in all kinds of pictorial techniques (tempera, oil, gold, silver and mixed techniques on canvas, wood, copper and altarpieces, as well as on mural paintings in fresco, dry and semi-dry).

We also carry out preventive conservation in all the above mentioned areas, i.e.:

•  Control and identification of all the environmental factors that could cause degradation in the works (humidity, temperature, ultraviolet, radiation and lux.).

•  Control and identification of biological attacks (fungi and insects such as xylophages and termites).

We apply analytical techniques in order to determine the state of conservation of the work, the materials it is composed of and its authenticity (UV, IR, gradient light, transmitted light, photography, analysis of samples of canvas, wood, mortar, ground layers, paint layers and surface layers).

Our restoration assures the reversibility and the quality of the applied stable and inert materials and techniques, giving the original work priority and maintaining it inalterable.

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